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Recollecting inherited songs

The amazing heritage of English folk songs was celebrated last night in London at the launch of a vast new online archive, The Full English. I was privileged to join this auspicious event at Cecil Sharp House (C#House to the … Continue reading

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Manning the lifeboats

I’ve only once been in any particular difficulty at sea, and that was when we ran aground half an hour into my first day’s sailing. We didn’t have to call the Croatian coastguard, thankfully, since there was a lead boat … Continue reading

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Going home early

I’m coughing rather vehemently at the moment and after some hesitance, left work early today following some emphatic advice from my colleagues.  I know my hacking was disturbing them through our shared wall, and I understand that they don’t want … Continue reading

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Admiring the talent

I’m not sure how confessional I want this blog to be, but I do want to be real.  I had a great night out with some good friends on Saturday at Birmingham Town Hall where Seth Lakeman and his band … Continue reading

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