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Feminising your guitar

I may be missing out on a prime opportunity to discuss the portrayal of women in pop music, what with the whole Miley Cyrus debacle, but I’m spinning out on a rather different track here. Perhaps it’s a trivial thing, … Continue reading

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Piping up blessing

One of the many enjoyable parts of Martyn Joseph’s ‘Pipefest’ weekend was joining in with a lullaby led by Karine Polwart, ‘Hush a bye my bairnie‘. Although I missed the singing workshop where it was taught I had heard the … Continue reading

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Bursting into song

Apparently breaking into song in random places can be taken as a sign of mental instability.   I’d say there were plenty of other alternative reasons, from noticing good acoustics in a room, healthy self-expression or just letting your ‘earworm’ out.  … Continue reading

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Waking me up

Despite spending two nights in a house with a seven month old baby, she wasn’t the worst culprit for waking me up over this festive season. In fact she seems to be getting the hang of the sleeping thing remarkably … Continue reading

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Looping in others

For a long time my musical adventures have been ever so very communal. I’ve sung in folk circles and churches, in my work choir and led an international singing group where a big part of the point is being with … Continue reading

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Sharing your soul

Writing and performing a song can be a powerful way of communicating something from deep within yourself. Of course, we all know many examples of churned-out, commercial drivel which say very little about the performer, whoever wrote the song (I … Continue reading

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Sharing the joy

I met some good friends’ new baby on Friday and had lots of lovely cuddles.  She is beautiful, and they liked the crochet bunny I had made.  So far these friends have shared very little about their little girl on … Continue reading

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