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Getting in touch

When close friends become ‘people you don’t see very often’ there are ways of keeping in contact, particularly since the growth of all kinds of social media. Beyond passive Facebook style updates, friendship maintenance requires one or both parties to … Continue reading

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Taking a risk

Yesterday I spent my work day attending training on Risk Assessment.  It was an optional course and rather more health and safety focused than I would have chosen.  I went along because I teach a first year module on risk … Continue reading

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Protecting and trusting

I was part of a lecture this morning on risks and the internet.  My colleague presented very well with a balanced view of some of the risks while avoiding excessive panic.  There were interesting parallels with the way the waltz … Continue reading

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Letting it go

I heard on the radio yesterday that my place of work is one of the institutions considered by the Universities Union’s report to be the most at risk of financial closure.  Not a nice start to the morning, although when I got … Continue reading

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