More spiritual bits

I’ve been thinking about how to develop this blog, and I want a way to include some more Christian content without alienating other readers.  It is still my intention to keep the main blog accessible to all and to link to more overtly Christian content for readers who are interested.

My intention is to file longer Christian pieces under this tab, most obviously material I am preparing for Christian talks or presentations.  I may take a while to sort out the filing protocol but I welcome any suggestions or feedback.  Thanks.

So first up…

Ruth and Redemption – A copy of the ten minute mini preach I prepared for our preacher’s training in July 2011.  Read to hear more from the story of Ruth in the Bible, how the man Boaz was a kinsman redeemer and gave a foretaste of what Jesus would later do for us.

PhD Testimony – A copy of the five minute testimony I shared at the thanksgiving service after graduation.  It summarises events over seven years and includes thanks to God and many people who have supported me on the PhD journey.


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