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Honking some encouragement

There’s a lot I love about wild geese and metaphors relating to them.  I heard more about them flying in formation and taking turns to be the leader at the Worship Central conference I went to last week.  The speaker … Continue reading

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Citing your sources

Marking piles of essays is never my favourite task, but it’s when I identify student plagiarism that I get most wound up. There are degrees of plagiarism – some newer students just haven’t grasped the need to use quotation marks … Continue reading

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Creating a drama

Sometimes a piece of drama really captures your imagination.  In something of a departure for this blog, I think this will be the second part of a trilogy of posts following my viewing of the National Theatre Live Frankenstein (see … Continue reading

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Sharing your soul

Writing and performing a song can be a powerful way of communicating something from deep within yourself. Of course, we all know many examples of churned-out, commercial drivel which say very little about the performer, whoever wrote the song (I … Continue reading

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Struggling for inspiration

Probably most bloggers will relate to the experience of not feeling inspired to write anything.  In fact, anyone who writes for a living or has written work to complete for studies or a job will have been through periods of … Continue reading

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Reading or browsing

The idea for this blog started as a complaint against some of my students who seem rather reluctant to read a book.  Too many of the essays I have been marking have included a bunch of quotations from the internet … Continue reading

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Finding the words

There are some situations where the right words are so hard to find.  When someone has been bereaved or heard some bad news, “I’m so sorry” doesn’t seem to go that far.  At least it doesn’t go too far wrong.  … Continue reading

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