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Passing your prime

I remember some received wisdom when I was in sixth form that anyone wanting to study mathematics should not take a year out but go straight to university from finishing A levels. I definitely remember a theory that your ‘mathematical … Continue reading

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Correcting your elders

I seem to be making a habit of getting into unnecessarily determined discussions about apparently trivial issues. Both recent times have been with men who are quite a lot older than me and have led to me calling on the … Continue reading

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Working for inclusion

Perhaps in some circles, being exclusive is still a prized virtue.  Exclusive special offers on a ‘plane recently included the chance to pay £10 for a plastic model of the aeroplane in which we were travelling – not available on … Continue reading

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Charging for singing

I have some friends who earn a living (more or less) as musicians, and some of them could make strong arguments why performers should be paid properly for their work.  I’d agree with most of their points, particularly when a … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Benefits

I live less than two miles away from James Turner Street in Winson Green which was the setting for Channel 4’s controversial series, Benefits Street.  After a couple of months where not much has prompted me to blog, this series … Continue reading

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Lowering your expectations

I know I run the risk of sounding very spoilt in this blog, but I wanted to write about one consequence of having seen some absolutely excellent shows over the last nineteen years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  It means … Continue reading

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Finding your voice

I’ve never claimed to be much of a royalist, but I’m not sure how I managed to miss the coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee quite so completely this time last year. I didn’t see the barge in the rain … Continue reading

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