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Praying and watching

The snowdrops in my garden were in full bloom before I had even noticed. Last year, after my Mum had planted them I was watching much more carefully – noticing the tiny shoots as first signs of spring after the … Continue reading

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Being a homemaker

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career”. This quotation, attributed to C.S. Lewis, has popped up on my Facebook feed again. I can’t detect … Continue reading

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Worrying about tomorrow

I’m not generally one to panic or worry that much, but I’ve been thinking more about the recent looting/riots in Birmingham and how anxious I felt. After the night where my local shops were looted, I was reluctant to leave … Continue reading

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Deciding by committee

Recent scenes in North Africa ought to make me very grateful that I live in an established democratic country.  Democracy in practice, however, tends to rely on an awful lot of committees.  And a lot of awful committees.  I sat … Continue reading

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Joining in Harmony

Being in harmony is not about being the same – it’s about listening to one another and complementing each other while contributing things which may be very different; sometimes incorporating great contrasts and creativity.  I love being part of a … Continue reading

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Overstaying your welcome

I had a lovely evening with some friends on Friday night, jamming and playing a mix of church music and folky/ pop stuff.  Not sure how many evenings have included old hymns, Robin Mark songs, The Beatles, Donovan and the … Continue reading

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Talking to Strangers

Having complained in my last post about the landscape in Birmingham (or lack thereof…), I need to redress the balance by telling you one of the best things about Birmingham – people talk to you.  In contrast to my experiences … Continue reading

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