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Accounting for love

I guess blogging about an ongoing relationship is complicated because the stories aren’t just yours, they also belong to someone else you care about. Perhaps it also feels risky to be putting something down as a record when it still … Continue reading

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Finding Mr Right

When I told my friends and colleagues that I was going to a Worship Central conference last week I generally kept my expectations fairly low, except, I said wistfully, you never know… I might just meet a nice single Christian … Continue reading

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Feminising your guitar

I may be missing out on a prime opportunity to discuss the portrayal of women in pop music, what with the whole Miley Cyrus debacle, but I’m spinning out on a rather different track here. Perhaps it’s a trivial thing, … Continue reading

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Treating women right

Perhaps unexpectedly, one of the repeated themes of my recent trip to Bolivia was the treatment of women. The friend I was visiting is involved in a range of family work including a pre-school and women’s groups and some of those … Continue reading

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Redeeming a ukelele

Researching pawn-shops for sermon preparation (as you do…) I was quite surprised to see a shop offering cash for your gold or your ukulele.  A ukulele is a small guitar-like instrument – my nephew has one, although I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Creating a myth

There are stories and ideas which resonate through centuries. In this third blog post considering the NT production of Frankenstein I will consider the way the story has gained mythic status, but also another idea in the play which could … Continue reading

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Reclining for comfort

Did your family ever have one of those early recliner chairs?  Who got to sit in it?  I actually sat in ours quite a lot, if Dad wasn’t around, but it was definitely his chair.  I was looking for a … Continue reading

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