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Accounting for love

I guess blogging about an ongoing relationship is complicated because the stories aren’t just yours, they also belong to someone else you care about. Perhaps it also feels risky to be putting something down as a record when it still … Continue reading

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Bonding with Sherlock

After lots of train journeys, the idea for the new Sherlock series was apparently hatched in Monte Carlo where the producer (who is also Moffat’s wife) Sue Vertue took Moffat and Gatiss out for lunch. In an interview, Moffat draws … Continue reading

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Doing the maths

I’ve read a few pieces this week suggesting that public sector pensions aren’t actually unaffordable. I might usually trust the New Statesman more than the Evening Standard but they both put forward a similar argument stating that it’s a myth … Continue reading

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Baking the effort

I think I might be trying to calculate some kind of baking coefficient.  The other week my housemate and I made some excellent cinnamon rolls.  The recipe isn’t one to be taken lightly – it makes loads, about 7 pans … Continue reading

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Protecting and trusting

I was part of a lecture this morning on risks and the internet.  My colleague presented very well with a balanced view of some of the risks while avoiding excessive panic.  There were interesting parallels with the way the waltz … Continue reading

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Watching before sunrise

On the shortest day of the year the sunrise is pretty late to be fair.  I don’t like getting up when it’s still dark but I have had to on a few occasions lately; most notably my Viva day.  There … Continue reading

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