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Stopping the traffik

I wonder how Solomon Northup would react to the film based on his life story winning the Oscar for Best Picture. 12 Years A Slave was a very impressive if harrowing film and it featured some great performances including Lupita … Continue reading

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Charging for singing

I have some friends who earn a living (more or less) as musicians, and some of them could make strong arguments why performers should be paid properly for their work.  I’d agree with most of their points, particularly when a … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Benefits

I live less than two miles away from James Turner Street in Winson Green which was the setting for Channel 4’s controversial series, Benefits Street.  After a couple of months where not much has prompted me to blog, this series … Continue reading

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Finding your voice

I’ve never claimed to be much of a royalist, but I’m not sure how I managed to miss the coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee quite so completely this time last year. I didn’t see the barge in the rain … Continue reading

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Citing your sources

Marking piles of essays is never my favourite task, but it’s when I identify student plagiarism that I get most wound up. There are degrees of plagiarism – some newer students just haven’t grasped the need to use quotation marks … Continue reading

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Painting it black

It’s not often I walk out of a lecture hearing the students describing the speaker as amazing and inspirational, but that happened this week when author and publisher Verna Wilkins visited as part of Black History Month. Verna talked about … Continue reading

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Leaving a legacy

Since the Olympics a lot of people have been talking about the legacy of the event, and other kinds of legacy. While I am a little sceptical that public attitudes have significantly changed, either to sport or to disabilities, I … Continue reading

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