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Multitasking in church

I’m a bit concerned that this post will read like I’m saying ‘look at me, I’m amazing’ or ‘look at me, I’m an idiot’ depending on your perspective. I’m going to do my best to avoid both and hope that … Continue reading

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Connecting up well

I’m not an electrician by any stretch, but I spent a lot of time last Saturday to Monday trying to attach a new light fitting in my study. The old one had only one light out of four working, and … Continue reading

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Working for inclusion

Perhaps in some circles, being exclusive is still a prized virtue.  Exclusive special offers on a ‘plane recently included the chance to pay £10 for a plastic model of the aeroplane in which we were travelling – not available on … Continue reading

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Painting it black

It’s not often I walk out of a lecture hearing the students describing the speaker as amazing and inspirational, but that happened this week when author and publisher Verna Wilkins visited as part of Black History Month. Verna talked about … Continue reading

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Assessing that Jesus

Last night I saw the new Jesus Christ Superstar which is touring arenas around the UK. Ben Forster plays Jesus after being selected through a rather rushed series on ITV in the summer. Some have been critical of his acting … Continue reading

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Graduating in colour

Last week I got all dressed up to attend my graduation ceremony for my doctorate.  It was a proud day for my parents and me, and marked a considerable achievement both academically and personally.  It definitely opens doors for future … Continue reading

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Making yourself up

I’ve told a few friends lately how I resent the fact that I now have to wear make-up to look healthy or awake.  I rarely wore much make-up when I was younger and I think my skin now is probably … Continue reading

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