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Seeing what’s real

Being a tourist is a weird experience. I enjoyed my recent trip to Italy with my mum very much, but it kind of felt like we went to Venice-land. Venice is so tourist oriented that it is too expensive for … Continue reading

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Forging your soul

Why is soul music called soul music?  This may not be a popular view but I don’t find it often reveals someone’s soul or touches mine.  There are some amazing vocalists within the genre, and some fantastic songs,  I can … Continue reading

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Collapsing a little

Last weekend I suffered what I am calling a ‘minor collapse’. Or mostly, my house did. I heard some sort of crunch of damage on the Friday evening but it sounded a moderate distance away and it was too dark … Continue reading

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Being more accountable

I spent rather more of the day than I intended watching a somewhat epic game of tennis. Andy Murray displayed real tenacity and considerable talent such that he really did give the world number one a run for his money. … Continue reading

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Sharing your soul

Writing and performing a song can be a powerful way of communicating something from deep within yourself. Of course, we all know many examples of churned-out, commercial drivel which say very little about the performer, whoever wrote the song (I … Continue reading

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Being a doorkeeper

Seeing people on the threshold of something new can be an exciting place to be – unless you wish it was you I guess.  I usually manage to enjoy attending other people’s weddings, even though there is sometimes a tinge … Continue reading

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Taking it personally

I think it’s probably part of the human condition to assume everything is about us.  When we feel got at or ignored, badly treated or overlooked we may feel certain that a personal slight was intended by whomever has supposedly … Continue reading

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