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Looking for helpers

The horrible event in Manchester a week ago touched so many people, and my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones.  I was in the city again this weekend and was moved by some of the new … Continue reading

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Correcting your elders

I seem to be making a habit of getting into unnecessarily determined discussions about apparently trivial issues. Both recent times have been with men who are quite a lot older than me and have led to me calling on the … Continue reading

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Stopping the traffik

I wonder how Solomon Northup would react to the film based on his life story winning the Oscar for Best Picture. 12 Years A Slave was a very impressive if harrowing film and it featured some great performances including Lupita … Continue reading

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Going all in

Last night I almost won a game of poker.  I say almost won because tiredness and poorliness won out over the desire for complete victory.  Two of our fellow players had, after some impressive come-backs and occasional dare-I-say fluke-some hands, … Continue reading

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Catching the Benedict

My regular readers may be surprised to hear that I still have friends who say to me ‘Benedict who?’ Granted, these are friends who haven’t seen me much in a while. Anyway, since there are apparently still discerning people out … Continue reading

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Hearing them sing

Last weekend I saw the film of the musical Les Misérables and loved it. Perhaps that isn’t a big surprise – I’ve been a fan of the musical since I first saw it as a teenager. I can’t find the … Continue reading

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Bonding with Sherlock

After lots of train journeys, the idea for the new Sherlock series was apparently hatched in Monte Carlo where the producer (who is also Moffat’s wife) Sue Vertue took Moffat and Gatiss out for lunch. In an interview, Moffat draws … Continue reading

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