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Gathering discarded gems

Although we live in such a digital age, I still have many books around my house. Many of them mean something to me and even though I haven’t looked at many of them in a long time, I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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Correcting your elders

I seem to be making a habit of getting into unnecessarily determined discussions about apparently trivial issues. Both recent times have been with men who are quite a lot older than me and have led to me calling on the … Continue reading

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Treating women right

Perhaps unexpectedly, one of the repeated themes of my recent trip to Bolivia was the treatment of women. The friend I was visiting is involved in a range of family work including a pre-school and women’s groups and some of those … Continue reading

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Serving for glory

Though some of my colleagues complain that tennis is a toffs’ game, I really enjoy watching some of the major championships and was delighted when Andy Murray won at Wimbledon at the weekend. I said at the start of last … Continue reading

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Being a homemaker

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career”. This quotation, attributed to C.S. Lewis, has popped up on my Facebook feed again. I can’t detect … Continue reading

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Leaving a legacy

Since the Olympics a lot of people have been talking about the legacy of the event, and other kinds of legacy. While I am a little sceptical that public attitudes have significantly changed, either to sport or to disabilities, I … Continue reading

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Creating a monster

On Thursday I finally saw the filmed version of Benedict Cumberbatch playing the creature in last year’s National Theatre production of Frankenstein.  With an Olivier award already received for the role I knew I was in for a consummate performance … Continue reading

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