My aim is to make this an encouraging place to visit. There are always people who will knock you down. I know I need a boost sometimes, something to push me in a positive direction. Sometimes I get this from the Bible, and I will include some verses here but my aim is to be accessible to everyone – if I ever get too spiritual please let me know. I’m hoping people will comment in a similarly manageable way, and that anyone might find something to make them think. I know Christians (including me) can be very annoying – not unlike the rest of humanity I guess.

Another important thing is that I believe all people are made in the image of God – even criminals or others that most people would write off. That’s not to say that some haven’t committed serious crimes, but I haven’t met anyone without some positive qualities and the potential to contribute something good to society. Over the last years I’ve spent time with many young offenders and asylum seekers – both groups that some people may find difficult, mainly due to not having met them.

So far that’s all sounding rather worthy and slightly pretentious. Sorry. I also hope to have some fun here and may include stuff about tv and films that I like as well as other cultural things. And I may amend this at least once a week. The pressure of defining yourself before you’ve even blogged a word…

Although the blog contains many random personal details about me, I have chosen not to put my name on the site.  I don’t want people (including my students or my employer) to find the pages easily if they randomly google me.  I keep an academia.edu page for students and professional contacts to find.  HeartenSoul is linked to from other websites where I maintain an anonymous profile.  I’m guessing most people who read this site will be directed in from my Facebook feed and will know who I am.  For the rest of you, I hope this doesn’t seem too weird.  If you want to contact me, just leave a comment somewhere.  I might even email you back.


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  1. Abbie Robson says:

    Hello fellow blogger!
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read the nomination post (link below) and share the love. I was really chuffed to be nominated and have had great fun answering my nominator’s questions and compiling questions for nominees.

    Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

    Now, if you are so inclined, click here: http://pinkandbluemummyland.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/nominated/

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