Making me aargghh

Be warned – this may not be the blog post to read if you actually have proper problems.  I have just had a couple of days where I seem to be magnetic to relatively minor annoyances and which have all combined to make me feel in a constant state of aargghh.  I’m not sure my eloquence is shining through but you probably know what I mean.

There’s been the Student Loan Company taking my money even though they had accepted my request to defer payments.  The washing machine kept cutting out and stopping doing anything, and I accidentally smashed a china goblet I liked.  The impending strike at work continues to be annoying.  Not only am I losing out on visiting lecturer money by not coming in on Thursday, but HR are now demanding that all staff sign in on Thursday or get pay docked, with no reference to part-time staff who do not usually work on Thursdays.

The assignments I am trying to mark are also rather aargghh-making.  Too many of the students seem not to have grasped the issues of risk at all, or have omitted to include any references in their work.  My voice is still not right – every time I speak or sing I seem to be making it worse but it’s not bad enough to call in sick and I don’t want to let my singing group down.  I’m also missing a meeting I would like to attend tonight because it clashes with singing.

Added to all this are other people who seem to be plagued by annoyances as well, and seem to want to share them with me.  Of course, other people need to vent their frustrations as well but I think it sometimes affects my own mood and I take on some of their aargghhs as well without necessarily reducing the aargghhs they are experiencing themselves.  Multiplying aargghhs.  I wasn’t even sure of the wisdom of blogging about this, but I trust I don’t have enough influence to increase the global aargghh quotient.  My theory is that by expressing it I will feel it less – I chatted about stuff with Mum on the phone yesterday and she was very sympathetic.  She also agreed how it can seem daft to complain when others have far bigger problems, but that sometimes a collection of minor things have a big effect.

Beyond thinking it’s probably a common human experience, I’m not sure I have much in the way of encouragement or insight to offer on this matter.  I fear that platitudes would just be annoying, and while the Bible has plenty to say about worries, anxiety and troubles I’m not sure these properly qualify.  Maybe I should just end with a few good things.  I put the washing out today for the first time this year.  It has been warm and sunny.  I bought and sent my grandmother a birthday card (Mum will be pleased) and saw a friend’s cute baby for the first time during a chance meeting at the local shop.  Dinner is in the oven and my housemate made cupcakes.  Life really isn’t so bad.

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One Response to Making me aargghh

  1. Helen Piper says:


    Several little aggggggggh’s are just as important as 1 big AGGGH. Take it from one who understands these things. The trick to managing them, is threefold. 1, recognise that they are there and they are annoying to you – no matter how insignificant you think they are, they are after all affecting your mood. 2. Try not to let each aggggh, add to the next, see if you can let them out to God as and when the little pains hit you front and centre. 3. Whilst you love your friends, make sure that you are not to overwhelmed by your own aggggh’s, if they need to vent. It is important that you are in a place to be able to handle them offloading, without it adding to the stress of your own agggh’s. Cos otherwise, if friends agggh’s add to yours, you could end up in a worse place (or even worse still, they may feel guilty to have burdened you, or that you didn’t provide the support that they were looking for – making them feel worse)

    Most of the time in these situations, just allowing God to be with you when the wine press is squeezing you, is enough to get you through. After all, the squeezing of the grapes is what produces the fine wine.

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