Baking the effort

I think I might be trying to calculate some kind of baking coefficient.  The other week my housemate and I made some excellent cinnamon rolls.  The recipe isn’t one to be taken lightly – it makes loads, about 7 pans full (maybe 60 rolls) and it had various stages taking us through most of the afternoon and evening.  While most of this wasn’t that difficult (leaving to cool, leaving to rise etc.), it certainly isn’t a recipe to make on a whim.  Also the rolls are most delicious when very fresh, so you need lots of people to help eat them (even allowing for eating plenty yourself).

Our church family were happy to assist with the eating task and we got lots of positive comments.  Part of the appeal was perhaps that they were something different – although cinnamon may not be every child’s choice.  The tricky bit of rolling out and rolling up the rather sticky dough as well as all the stages made it clear why the quantities were so large – when you’re making that much effort, it’s hardly any more difficult to make twice the amount.  The site suggests that they are so good someone might pass out or alternatively call you up to propose marriage.  I might not have completely followed the recipe (I think I reduced the extra butter spread on to fill them at the end)… but I guess I’m glad no-one passed out.

In absolute contrast, last night I was disappointed at the lack of chocolatey goodness in my kitchen cupboards.  I remembered a recipe I had found through Facebook for 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake and was pleased to find I had all the ingredients.  Using a larger mug than last time worked really well: look…

Now, this was nothing like so special as the cinnamon rolls.  But it was warm, chocolatey and ready in a very slim fraction of the time that the other recipe took.  Per serving it probably cost a bit more and there was none to share (well, it could have served two I guess).  So easy.  Minimal washing up.  Maximum time to watch tv (it had been a long day at work, rather than the lazy Saturday that suited the cinnamon rolls).

So my question is – what is the ultimate baking recipe that gives the most tasty goodness for the least effort?  Perhaps another factor needs to be without excessive cost.  Or what is worth the extra cost.  Or the extra calories?  My formula seems to be getting increasingly complicated…

How can you quantify the value of generosity to others?  Do we bake because we want to show love to other people?  Or because we want chocolatey goodness for ourselves?  All ideas and recipes very welcome x

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