Knowing your friends

Therapy board gameLast night I played a rather riotous game of ‘Therapy’ with some friends from church.  It’s a board game with a mixture of multiple choice questions based on psychology stats, inkblot interpretation and then ‘therapy’ questions with one or all the other players trying to guess your answer to a question.  One example from last night posed the question of which other player you thought would be most comfortable spending a week at a nudist colony.  Once the lucky subject had written down her answer, we all had to discuss and agree who we thought she would have chosen.

Thankfully, not all the questions were quite so embarrassing, and it was an enjoyable way of getting to know each other a bit better.  I don’t think my therapeutic qualifications helped much at all as I think I came last, but I could always put that down to the luck of the dice.  Getting stuck on ‘therapy’ spaces maybe meant that other people didn’t know me as well as they might have done, although they did guess the musical instrument I felt most suited my personality (harp, electric guitar, bugle or tuba – answer at the end…).  The word bugle is apparently hilarious to one of my friends.

In fact there was much hilarity, as there has been on most occasions of playing this game.  The couple last night seemed to know each other pretty well – rather better than some others have fared (including my parents if I remember correctly).  It brought up all sorts of avenues of interesting conversation that maybe just don’t tend to come up if you watch TV together.  Another prompt for random conversations must be the game my housemate used with the teenagers this morning – ‘Would you rather’.  I’m not sure my preference for a duck-sized elephant rather than an elephant-sized duck says that much about me, but the potential for interesting insights is definitely there.

I used to have a poster on my wall that said ‘A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you’.  I guess that implies that part of making friends is letting people know about you – being open enough to sharing what makes you the person you are.  There’s a vulnerability involved – not knowing how someone will react to your personality quirks or the things that are important to you.  Blogging is a bit one sided in terms of getting to know someone – I’d welcome more comments or links to other people’s blog sites.  I guess there’s a danger of sharing too much information, but I’ve also found that more personal blogging leads to more readers.

Another of the Therapy questions last night was about the thing you had never told anyone – was it to do with love, money or embarrassment.  My friend picked the answer ‘embarrassment’, and we guessed right.  Some things are too embarrassing to tell anyone.  Some things might totally change the way people see you and can’t be unsaid.  Bearing that in mind, someone who knows everything about you and still loves you sounds even more amazing.  I expect you can guess who I have in mind.  Oh, and I’m playing a harp by the way.  Heavenly 🙂

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