Covering it up

So my garden is covered in a blanket of snow about an inch and a half thick, and consequently looks tidier than it has done all year.  Even inner city Birmingham can look quite beautiful when the streets are full of snow.  Last year I wrote a song along these lines which I was going to describe, but actually, I’m feeling brave.  Here it is:

Everything is beautiful

Everything is beautiful when it’s covered with snow
Awkwardnesses disappear, nobody would ever know
Wrap up warm and come outside, a cold wind may blow
But everything looks beautiful when it’s covered with snow

The sky is falling
A blanket cold and crisp and clean
Neighbours snowballing
The footprints showing where you’ve been

Everything is beautiful…

Untidy garden
No-one can see the grass that needs mowing
A short-term pardon
Everything’s hidden because it’s been snowing

Everything is beautiful…

The silent feeling
Frozen dreams and bitter fears
Need warmth and healing
Melting hearts and freeing tears

Everything is beautiful…

I wouldn’t say I’m in quite the same place as I was in February 2009 when I wrote the song, but I’m still challenged about how healthy it is to conceal how we are feeling.  Things may look great on the surface, with the make-up on if you like.  Underneath we’re still the same people, tired and with bags under our eyes.  Somewhat less perky and fresh.

Thingvellir, Iceland (which is actually probably rather beautiful underneath as well, just like you)

The snow is only temporary of course.  In other parts of the world it may exist most of the year round (though for how much longer?) but in the UK it’s pretty inevitable that the thaw will come, the snow will turn dirty and slushy and get washed away leaving what was underneath exposed again.  A garden needing attention.  A street in disrepair, strewn with debris. 

In terms of solutions, I come back again to the benefits of creative therapy (write that song or paint that picture) and sharing with close friends and family who deserve to know the real you and will love you anyway.  And coming to God who can permanently cover our sin and shame and knows us inside-out.

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